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About Us
We are a section of the State Bar of Texas comprised of Judges throughout the State of Texas.

Criteria for Membership

Any member of the State Bar of Texas who is serving or who has served as a Justice or Judge of a Federal court including Federal magistrates, the Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, a Court of Appeals, a District Court, a statutory Probate Court, or a statutory Court exercising any of the jurisdiction of a district or constitutional county court, sitting in the State of Texas, and whose right to so serve has not been formally suspended or terminated by state action, shall, upon payment of the annual dues to the Secretary-Treasurer of this section, be enrolled as a member of this section.

Mission Statement

The Judicial Section of the State Bar of Texas works to improve the quality of justice in Texas, examines issues affecting the Judicial system, fosters public education about the Judicial system and matters of concern to the Judiciary, promotes dialogue and collaboration among Judges, and provides a forum to discuss matters of concern to Judges.
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