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Bylaws and Resolutions

The Bylaws and Resolutions Committee receives suggestions for and recommends changes to the section bylaws. The committee also solicits and presents any resolution proposed by a Section member at the Judicial Section’s Annual Meeting.
Our current bylaws require that we offer our members the opportunity to propose Resolutions and Bylaws Amendments to be adopted by the section. Proposals should be sent at least 60 days in advance of the Judicial Section’s Annual Meeting (which is always held on the first day of the Annual Judicial Conference) to allow time for review by the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee. Pursuant to the section’s bylaws, any proposed bylaws amendments must be posted on this website 30 days in advance of the Judicial Section Annual Meeting, for review by the section.
Email submissions are preferred. All proposals should be sent to by regular mail or email to
State Bar of Texas Judicial Section
c/o Sections Department
P.O. Box 12487
Austin, Texas 78711

Greg Neeley
12th Court of Appeals
Edinburg, TX

Elisabeth Earle
County Court at Law #7
Austin, TX

David Sanchez
444th District Judge
Brownsville, TX

Maria Salas Mendoza
120th District Court
El Paso TX

Ex Officio:
Gina Benavides, Chair
13th Court of Appeals
Corpus Christi, TX

Randy Clapp, Immediate Past Chair
329th District Court
Wharton, TX

Les Hatch, Chair Elect
237th District Judge
Midland, TX
Texas Judicial Section
State Bar of Texas
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