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Message from the Chair
Judges of the State of Texas:
It is my privilege to welcome you to the Judicial Section of the State Bar of Texas. With approximately a thousand members, the Section is committed to being the voice of the judiciary on issues affecting judges and the fair administration of justice. The Section also provides a unique forum for camaraderie and networking among judges.
During this interim legislative year, the Section will focus on:
  1. Serving as a resource on judicial related interim legislative charges and to committees, legislators and entities studying the issue of judicial compensation.
  2. Encouraging the highest in judicial ethics and professional conduct through advisory ethics opinions authored by our Ethics Committee upon request.
  3. Providing information on key issues facing the judiciary through the use of our new website and periodic emails sent to Section members.
Again, welcome to the Judicial Section, and I look forward to working together during this bar year.
Hon. Jennifer Rymell, Chair
Judicial Section of the State Bar of Texas
How to Join
This section is open to former and current Judges serving in appellate, district, Federal, CCL and County Courts. Dues are only $25. You can join via your My Bar Page or you can download a membership application.
Texas Judicial Section
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