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Section Report
The 2017 legislative session kept the Judicial Section busy this year. The Legislative Committee and its chair, Hon. Alfonso Charles, monitored over 8,000 bills and appeared and testified on a number of them. The four legislative subcommittees: Civil Justice, chaired by Justice Brett Busby; Criminal Justice, chaired by Judge Jean Hughes; Juvenile Law, chaired by Judge Gene Calvert; and Family Law, chaired by Judge Tim Womack; assisted with the monitoring. The section worked hard to implement the Judicial Compensation Commission’s recommendation for a pay increase to the judiciary, which would be the first since 2013. The section supports the Judicial Compensation Commission’s recommendation of 10.2 percent. Judicial Section Chair-elect Judge Jennifer Rymell chaired the Communications Task Force, working on a multi-year effort to upgrade the section’s website. Ethics Committee Chair Justice Lee Gabriel assisted with the updating of the Ethics Opinions portion of the new website by making it searchable and more user-friendly.
-Hon. Kerry Russell, 2017 Chair
Texas Judicial Section
State Bar of Texas
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