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Judicial Ethics

The Judicial Ethics Committee receives requests for ethics opinions and issues advisory opinions regarding ethics matters for Judges. Opinions may be provided on an informal basis or a formal/written basis.
The Committee only issues written opinions in response to written questions. If you have an ethics question, please submit a written request to the Judicial Ethics Committee.
Search the Ethics Opinions Database
The Judicial Section maintains a database of Ethics Opinions for use by its members.

Justice Lee Gabriel,
Judicial Ethics Committee Chair
Senior Justice, Ret.
Gainesville, TX
Term Ends: 2023
Judge Mark Hocker
County Court at Law #1
Lubbock, TX
Term Ends: 2023
Judge Jessica Mangrum
200th District Court
Austin, TX
Term Ends: 2023 
Justice John Neill
Senior Justice, Ret.
Cleburne, TX
Term Ends: 2023 
Justice David Jewell
14th Court of Appeals
Houston, TX
Terms Ends: 2023 
Judge Bruce McFarling
362nd District Court
Denton, TX
Term Ends: 2024 

Justice Lee Gabriel
Senior Justice, Ret.
Gainesville, TX
Term Ends: 2024

Judge Chris Taylor
48th District Court
Ft. Worth, TX
Term Ends: 2025

Judge Melissa Baez
County Court at Law #3
El Paso, TX
Term Ends: 2025

Judge Susan Harris
Kerr County Court at Law
Kerrville, TX
Term Ends: 2025

Ex Officio Committee Members:

Judge Melody Wilkinson, Chair
17th District Court, Ft. Worth

Elisabeth Earle, Immediate Past Chair
Travis County Court at Law #7, Austin

Judge Rebeca Martinez, Chair Elect
4th Court of Appeals, Chief Justice, San Antonio
Texas Judicial Section
State Bar of Texas
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