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TexasBarCLE's Courses (including Online Classroom Courses and Live Webcasts) are free to active State and Texas-Area Federal Judges, Administrative Law Judges, Hearing Examiners, and Judicial Staff Attorneys May Attend for Free, Provided: (1) the course directly relates to the judge’s tribunal’s jurisdiction, (2) the judge is a full-time judge or retired under the judicial retirement system and (3) space is available for all paying registrants. This privilege does not extend to prosecutors, receivers, trustees, other court staff, or persons serving part-time in a judicial capacity. Actual attendance is required to receive course materials.
Free Legal Research The State Bar of Texas is the first and only bar association in the country to offer its members free access to both Fastcase and Casemaker legal research—a combined value of approximately $2,000 a year. Read below for descriptions of both services, along with links to our recent legal research newsletters. Access Casemaker and Fastcase anytime by logging on to your My Bar Page
Texas Center for the Judiciary.The Texas Center for the Judiciary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to provide outstanding Judicial education to Texas judges so that a qualified and knowledgeable Judiciary and staff may administer justice with fairness, efficiency, and integrity.
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