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Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Judicial Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to a current or former Texas judge or justice who is recognized by his or her peers as having a reputation for and commitment to judicial excellence, has achieved a significant length of service as a judge in Texas and has demonstrated a long term, consistent and significant contribution to the betterment of the judiciary, access to justice and the system of justice in Texas.
Nomination information will be distributed in the near future for this year’s award, which will be given at the Bar Foundation Luncheon during the Annual Judicial Conference.
Please take a moment and view the prior recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award.



Justice Brett Busby
Supreme Court of Texas


Hon. Alfonso Charles
Judge: 124th District Court/ Presiding Judge 10th Administrative Judicial Region
Hon. Brad Goodwin
391st Judicial District Court of Texas
San Angelo 
Texas Judicial Section
State Bar of Texas
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