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The Legislative Committee recommends and monitors legislation affecting the judges and judicial system of this state. When requested, the committee also provides and identifies resource persons for legislative hearings.
Visit our Legislative Update page for updates from the past legislative session. 
Hon. Alfonso Charles (District Judge) (Longview)

Terms Expiring 2023:
Hon. J. Andrew Hathcock (Austin) - Associate Judge
Hon. Todd Bloomerth (Lockhart) - Retired District Judge
Hon. Drue Farmer (Lubbock) - County Court at Law
Hon. Gisela Trianna (Austin) – Court of Appeals Justice
Hon. Larry Phillips (Sherman) - District Judge

Terms Expiring 2022:
Hon. Jennifer Rymell (Ft. Worth) - County Court at Law
Hon. David L Evans (Fort Worth) - District Judge
Hon. Robert Burns (Dallas) – Court of Appeals Justice

Terms Expiring 2021:
Hon. Jerry Simoneaux (Houston) Probate County Court
Hon. Ana Perez (El Paso) -District Judge
Hon. Brenda Kennedy (Austin) - Criminal District Judge
Hon. Julie Countiss (Houston) – Appellate Justice 1st COA

Ex-Officio Members:

Past Chair: Hon. Gina Benavides
Chair: Hon. Les Hatch
Chair-Elect: Hon. Elisabeth Earle

Legislative Chair
Hon. Alfonso Charles
Judge, 124th District Court
101 E. Methvin St., Suite 447
Longview, TX 75601
Phone: (903) 236-1765
Fax: (903) 236-0747
Civil Justice Chair
Hon. Jennifer Rymell
County Court at Law No. 2
Fort Worth, TX
Criminal Justice Chair
Hon. Angela King
County Criminal Court #6
Dallas, TX
Family Law Chair
Hon. Tim Womack
307th District Court
Longview, TX
Juvenile Law Chair
Judge Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt
449th District Judge
Edinburg, TX
Texas Judicial Section
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