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Criminal Justice Legislative Subcommittee

The Criminal Justice Legislative Subcommittee recommends and monitors legislation affecting the criminal justice system. When requested, the committee also provides and identifies resource persons for legislative hearings.
Hon. Dib Waltrip
433rd District Court
New Braunfels, TX 
Hon. Cliff Brown
147th District Court
Austin, TX

Hon. John Stevens
Jefferson County Criminal District Court
Beaumont, TX

Hon. Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez
County Criminal Court at Law #13
San Antonio, TX

Hon. Audrey Moorehead
County Criminal Court at Law #3
Dallas, TX
Hon. David L. Singer
Harris County Criminal Court #14
Houston, TX
Hon. Sarah Bruchmiller
368th District Court 
Georgetown, TX

Hon. Inger Chandler
Associate Judge, Harris County District Courts
Houston, TX

Hon. David Klein
148th Judicial District Court
Corpus Christi
Hon. Steven Denny
320th District Court
Amarillo, TX
Hon. Kristina Escalona
186th Judicial District Court
San Antonio, TX
Hon. Veronica Nelson
482nd District Court
Houston, TX
Hon. Katherine Thomas
184th District Court
Houston, TX
Hon. Jeth Jones
122nd District Court
Galveston, TX
Hon. Wade Faulkner
478th District Court
Belton, TX
Hon. Julie Lugo
372nd District Court
Ft. Worth, TX
Hon. Elaine S. Brown 
County Court at Law #3
Dripping Springs, TX
Hon. Erica Pena
County Court at Law #11
San Antonio, TX
Hon. Denise Hernandez
County Court at Law # 6
Austin, TX 

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